Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virgin Letter Project?

  • The Virgin Letter Project is a participatory art project that strives to connect new citizens of Black Rock City to the many who have been there before through the simplicity of a letter. One of the project founders describes it this way:

Virgin Letters are a way to share the magic of the first burn with another virgin in the midst of experiencing what can be an overwhelming transition. Rather than pontificating, it uses the time distortion between who you were as a virgin burner and who you are now to create a (hopefully) synchronistic gift for an anonymous virgin somewhere in the playa. You will likely never know who received your letter and unless you identify yourself they will never know you, inviting a soul bearing honesty about your first experience to give theirs a little framework and perspective in what may be for them a bewildering new paradigm.


So… what do I do? Do I just write the letter and email it to you?

  • You can just email it to us. Or you can go to the Letters page on the site and submit as many as you want.

Hello, I am a virgin burner that would love to receive a letter! How do I sign up to get one?

  • You can’t sign up to get one. However, what you CAN do is go to Burning Man and find Black Rock Spatial Delivery (BRSD) and ask for one.

I understand that people are writing letters to their virgin selves, but who are the letters being delivered to? Virgins? Or, whomever is willing to accept one, either virgin or not?

  • The letters are delivered to the current years virgins. We do strive to deliver them solely to virgins. However, there have been a couple letters that have been handed around among veterans.

How can I get involved?

Wait, the online submission is closed! What do you I do?

  • Don’t worry you can still write a Virgin Letter. When you get to the playa go find Black Rock Spatial Delivery. You can write a letter there.  And even take a few to deliver to this years virgins.